Organic bread thanks to biomass

Artisan bread cooked with biomass

Renewable energies show increasing possibilities of application in many fields of everyday life. This has just been discovered in the Artesanos y Maestros Panaderos bakery, located in Elche (Alicante), which has recently launched a burner for one of its ovens that uses pellets (dried and pressed wood chips and sawdust) as fuel.

Before carrying out the installation of the biomass burner in the oven, a study was carried out for Bakers Artisans and Teachers calculating that in three years the 12.000 euros invested in the project could be amortized. This period will be significantly reduced thanks to the subsidy granted by the Valencian Agency of Energy (AVEN), of an 40% of the total cost.

The breadmaker has been very satisfied with the energy and economic performance of its pellet burner, and is already thinking of adapting its other two ovens to the same system. According to their own calculations, with the three kilns running on biomass, the forecast is that they save a few 36.000 euros per year in fuel.

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