First cogeneration plant with biomass in Mexico

opening of first plant cogeneration Mexico

The first bioenergy generation plant installed in a forestry company in the country will operate in 2019, in Durango.

This plant, located in the community forestry company SEZARIC Industrial Group, which integrates 40 ejidos and communities of the entity, will generate waste from forests with sufficient electrical and caloric energy to achieve savings in its operation for 6.5 million pesos annually. The cogeneration plant will be supplied with solid forest residues from the operation of the different SEZARIC Group companies, where plywood, sawn timber, dimensionados, furniture, moldings, and other wood products are produced.

The project was financed with support from the National Forestry Commission (CONAFOR), Institutional Trusts in Relation to Agriculture (FIRA), the Energy Secretariat (SENER) and the members of the forestry group with an investment of 49.9 million pesos. Durango has a purely forest vocation, with more than 10.5 million hectares of forest area, representing 87% of its territory. Preliminary data of SEMARNAT, record for 2017 the production of more than 2,5 million cubic meters, which represent the 28% of the national production.

The SEZARIC Industrial Group participated in the First Business Round Spain Mexico of the sector of the #BIOMASA organized by AVEBIOM in the last edition of Expobiomasa.