Rehabilitation of the hotel Des Poste is committed to biomass for the production of heat, cold and electricity

rehabilitation hostel poles

The metamorphosis of POST Luxembourg's Hotel des Poste combines sustainable technology to minimize energy consumption through natural ventilation, solar, wind and biomass.

The design of this architecture without carbon emissions is based on the circular economy and the concept "from cradle to cradle", a holistic method that is concerned with ensuring that everything that involves a product - from the conception of the idea to the decline - is sustainable and its life cycle does not end.

The production of heat, cold and electricity is mainly ensured by biomass trigeneration of 98 kW of heat and 75 kW of electricity.

Renewable energies are preferably used to limit the use of conventional energy consumption while maintaining the comfort of the occupants. Total non-renewable energy consumption is less than 30 kWh of final energy / m² / year.

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