Tarbes de Lacunza, a novel wood stove with a unique design

Tarbes de Lacunza stove

LACUNZA The TARBES wood-burning stove has been launched on the market. A model with curved glass to give a modern look to the home. Its curved shape modernizes any room and offers the possibility to see the fire from any angle. This stove, in addition to offering a great view of the fire, offers the possibility of making the exit of smoke from the top or back and channeling the air inlet of the combustion, tight.

Its great novelty is that, with a single control, it is possible to control the primary, secondary and double combustion air inlets, which facilitates the operation of the stove in its optimal conditions. It also gives the possibility of incorporating the home of cast iron or glass ceramic hob on the countertop.

The TARBES stove also has the interior in vermiculite, a material composed basically of aluminum, magnesium and iron silicates. It is a new material that is characterized by its excellent insulation, high strength, aesthetics and lightness. 

In terms of technical characteristics, the wood stove TARBES It has a heating capacity of up to 177 m3, 9 kW rated power, 79% yield, and low CO emissions (0,07%).

In addition, LACUNZA products have the highest energy efficiency ratings and are already fully adapted to the regulations that the EU will require in 2022 ECODESING. Therefore, this stove has the A energy certificate providing benefits such as greater efficiency, lower consumption and greater savings.