What is the cheapest heating in 2021?

biomass prices

El The price of heating oil has increased by 17% since last January. The price of diesel suffers significant drops and rises from time to time. Since the decline at the beginning of the pandemic, it has already recovered and risen by 57% in one year, and this rise is causing an increase in confidence in the installation of new biomass heating equipment.

Installers are promoting biomass heating more and more because their clients, the final consumers, value very positively that the price of biomass is always similar, that they are not obliged to be aware of crises or international markets in the face of increases in the cost of diesel to be able to stockpile.

In absolute values, a liter of heating oil cost 0,46 euros per liter in May last year, this year it is at 0,70 €, and two years ago it was at € 0,81 per liter of heating oil, showing tremendously speculative price changes in a few months. In recent years, the price of heating oil has been above one euro on several occasions and several times below half a euro.

However, for more than 10 years the price of pellets in Spain has been analyzed, the price of two kilograms of pellets, which is the energy equivalent of one liter of diesel, has ranged between €0,45  y €0,50.

Pellets are the most economical heating option for consumers

Families and companies that consume natural gas for heating also do not have it very well, even before the rise in prices of fossil fuels, in the month of December last year, a family that uses pellets saved 50% compared to a family using gas. The reason is that, according to Eurostat, the final price paid by Spanish consumers of natural gas in December last year, including taxes and fixed costs, was 11,8 euro cents per kWh. A very high real cost and at a clear disadvantage compared to the 5,42 euro cents that a final consumer pays per kWh for the pellet delivered to home.