What is the best pellet stove?


When buying a good, beautiful and cheap pellet stove, it is proven that it is not too reliable to trust the typical ones pellet stove rankings that we find on the internet. From the Spanish Biomass Association we recommend trusting more in the recommendations that can be made from specialized stores or trusted installers.

When buying a pellet stove, fireplace or boiler

The best option is to buy a high-efficiency and quality equipment to achieve lower consumption and be more respectful with the environment. You can check it in the energy rating label.

And that the installation is carried out by professionals so that the planning and execution are appropriate for each case. A key, for example, to place the smoke outlet pipe according to the regulations.

When maintaining an installation

It is convenient to carry out the maintenance recommended by the manufacturer to guarantee that the equipment works properly and extend its useful life.

And adjust the air and fuel inlet each time maintenance is carried out or the pellet brand is changed.

When using pellets

It is best to trust pellets of certified quality ENplus that guarantee the correct operation of the installation, checking that the seal is in the bag.

When storing the pellets, it should be done in suitable conditions and in a dry environment, avoiding handling the bags more than is necessary.


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