How much pellet do I need to heat my house?

biomass boiler

The seven million domestic stoves and boilers up to 50 kW in the EU consumed just over 10,8 million tonnes of pellets during 2019, according to an estimate from the latest Statistical Report published by Bioenergy Europe. On average, each EU facility required 1,5 tonnes of pellets during the year.

Although the type of construction and the energy efficiency of homes in each country influence their average annual consumption of pellets, the weather makes the difference. For example, in Austria or Germany, with longer and colder winters, where boilers predominate, annual consumption exceeds 4,2 tons per installation in the former and stands at 3,2 tons in the latter.

In Mediterranean countries, where winter temperatures are milder and stoves are preferably installed, average consumption is significantly lower: in Italy, 1,5 tons per year, in France, 1,4 tons and in Spain, 1,2 tons.