19 new heat networks with biomass and one with geothermal energy in Spain during 2022

It stands out above all the other Catalonia with 14 networks

The Association of Heat and Cold Network Companies (ADHAC), has just recently published the Census of Heat and Cold Networks of 2022. This census adds 20 new heating networks, reaching a total of 516 heating and cooling networks operating in Spain.

Of the 20 new heat networks, 19 use biomass as an energy source and one uses geothermal energy, in Langreo (Asturias). At a general level, of the total heating and cooling networks that operate in Spain: 71% only use biomass as an energy source and another 7% use biomass and other energy sources as support.

By Autonomous Communities, Catalonia stands out above all the other networks with 14 networks, followed by Castilla y León and the Basque Country with two and Galicia with one. In fact, only in the province of Barcelona have been built this year 11 of the 20 start-ups.

Currently, there are many new networks being planned and built. The sector trusts that the aid published by the Government of Spain and the Autonomous Communities will encourage this heating system, which has great benefits for the decarbonization of energy and the fight against climate change, the reduction of air pollution in cities by replacing thousands of individual heaters and considerably reducing the heating costs of consumers and customers.

ADHAC has collaborated with the promotion of Expobiomasa on a regular basis since 2014, and publishes the Census of Heat and Cold Networks on an annual basis. You can find in the following link the censuses and presentations of the last years.

Source: https://www.adhac.es/asociacion.php?t=census&k=Censo%20de%20redes&i=10