More than 3000 biomass boiler facilities endorse Termosun

boilers of Termosun
Termosun is the exclusive national distributor of the Austrian biomass firm HERZ

In recent years it has become one of the benchmarks in energy solutions with biomass thanks to a wide range of biomass boilers from 60 to 20.000 kW. The biomass boilers supplied stand out for being equipment designed to maximize their performance and to meet different energy needs, such as heating, pool heating, sanitary hot water, steam and thermal oil. In some examples of biomass boiler works provided in

  • Hotels, spas & spas, rural houses, campsites, etc.
  • Projects for efficiency and savings in companies.
  • Hospitals, residences and centers for health care.
  • Isolated houses, single-family homes or residential buildings.
  • Swimming pools, sports centers, sports centers.
  • Individualized facilities for all types of public buildings.
  • Public and private centers: schools, nurseries, and cultural buildings.
  • Monasteries, abbeys and unique buildings.

As indicated by Termosun to be successful in choosing a biomass boiler it is important: select a boiler of high efficiency and performance and take into account the design of the installation, the biomass transport system, the proper maintenance that guarantees efficiency and the training of those responsible for it.