Bianna presents its solutions for the energy recovery of biomass at Expobiomasa

Bianna solutions
Looking for the complete solution to all the needs of the different processes (elimination of waste, energy recovery, drying of materials,…) Bianna has developed the TVD Thermovalue Drying process line.

For a complete and energetically self-sustaining process, after a first stage of drying the material in dryers, the material is collected and included in the thermal oxidation stage.

Thus closing the circular process that allows treatment and recovery.

After this stage, the gases are redirected to the gas treatment stage to ensure the VOC emission ratios according to current regulations. Once these gases have been treated, they are recovered (as far as possible) to provide the drying equipment with the necessary thermal energy in order to operate in an energy-self-sufficient way.

The equipment has multiple adjustable parameters to adapt to the waste to be processed.

All of our thermal processes are supervised by combustion engineers prepared to provide complete technical assistance.

Both DrumDryers (DDR) and Solid Waste Burner (SWB) from Bianna Recycling are the ideal technical solution to improve the efficiency in the oxidation and preparation of plant materials with industrial processes of all kinds.

The dimensions of the equipment allow their inclusion in already operational processes, ensuring a minimum space requirement for their implementation.

Bianna will be present in the outdoor area of ​​Expobiomasa. At the Valladolid Fair from September 21 to 23.

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