NATURAL FIRE presents Bioburn + at Expobiomasa

Bioburn +

The Bioburn + is a multi-fuel biomass burner conceived for the replacement of traditional fossil fuel burners. The machine has been developed within the Europa H2020 program for the reduction of greenhouse gases.

It is characterized by performing the combustion dynamically. The system is composed of a drum that acts as a combustion chamber, and it rotates at a variable speed depending on the type of biomass used. The burner reaches a working temperature of 1200ºC and incorporates an ash extraction system that eliminates 90% of them. This resembles the performance of conventional fossil fuel burners allowing work in overpressure and depression.

The rotating system allows the use of biomass with granulometries greater than traditional, as well as the valuation of some impossible to pelletize or that generate a large volume of ashes, since thanks to the extraction system they are eliminated continuously.

The burner has a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) with custom designed software. It manages parameters such as the speed of rotation, the fuel supply or the speed of rotation of the fans, in addition, it offers the possibility of monitoring through an app.

Stresses that the internal geometry of the machine allows to reach powers of up to 10 MW with a small size.

It is designed for the replacement of conventional fossil fuel burners in steam boilers, ACS, industrial furnaces, dryers or any industrial application demanding a power up to 10 MW.

NATURAL FIRE has presented this candidacy for the Innovation Prize Expobiomasa 2019. More information about the Innovation Award here