Biomass by diesel in the pools of Sant Josep #IBIZA. And it reduces 88% the fossil emissions that affect Climate Change

Sant Josep Pool

The biomass boiler installed in the Sant Josep pools has allowed reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 88%, since the consumption of fossil fuels, in this case diesel, has gone from between 65.000 and 70.000 to 8.000 liters per year.

The use of this much greener technology, since 2014, has placed the consumption of diesel in these facilities up to an average of the 8.000 liters mentioned, which has also saved the emission into the atmosphere of around 170.000 kilos of carbon dioxide per year from non-renewable energy sources.  This is possible because from the implementation of this sustainable energy technology: biomass boiler, emissions have been reduced to an average of 23.000 kilos per year of CO2 from non-renewable sources, when before they represented around 190.000 kilos a year, a decrease of 87,9%.

Is planned connect the boiler to the municipal soccer field, with which it will also be possible to stop using diesel fuel from these facilities.