Dry Cool System, high efficiency technology in HCT Steam cycles present in Expobiomasa thanks to IMASA

IMASA Dry Cool System

HCT technology is a power cycle that optimizes condensation from the turbine outlet steam, it eliminates the conventional condenser by a steam absorber that uses a solution of hygroscopic compounds and uses air coolers that, in dry cooling mode, gives condensation heat to the environment. The two plants owned by Oleícola El Teja, one of 12,5 MWe in Palenciana, and another of 25 MWe in Baena had problems of water scarcity and efficiency reductions at ambient temperatures exceeding 25ºC. With the HCT it was achieved:

  • An increase in electrical efficiency of 2,5%.
  • Significantly reduce self-consumption annual and maximum peaks.
  • Maintain Availability at full load all year regardless of the ambient temperature. It was generated with the record summer temperature of 2017 of 48 ° C, without consuming water.
  • Delete completely the requirements of cooling water, plumes and Legionella problems.
  • Impact reduction acoustic and visual

The elimination of the use of cooling water increases production in MWh / year without penalizing performance, allowing 8.000 h / year electrical production that improves performance against Rankine cycles.

It can apply in power generation plants based on condensation turbines, such as forest and agricultural biomass plants, waste plants (Waste to Energy), solar thermal plants (CSP), high enthalpy geothermal plants. Also in high efficiency cogeneration in combined cycle or with waste recovery, industrial condensation processes, industrial drying processes such as pellet or orujillo plants. It can even be applied in the elimination of the steam plume of any installation with water recovery, and in the environmental and efficiency improvement of any conventional thermal power generation plant or combined cycle.

This technology allows an improvement in competitiveness to access electricity auctions or meet self-consumption, efficiency and sustainability objectives that mainly govern the Renove plans or European aid. So it is ideal for promoters of energy projects, electricity companies, EPC companies, governments that want to avoid damaging their water resources and have electricity, projects close to urban environments, food industries, cement, etc.

IMASA has presented this candidacy for the Innovation Prize Expobiomasa 2019. More information about the Innovation Award here