ATHISA BIOGENERACIÓN presents in Expobiomasa its Cleaning and Valorisation Team of the vine branch

Cleaning and Valorisation Team of the vine branch

The operation of the Cleaning and Valorisation Equipment (ES2606774 patent) is based on the principle of separation by density in humid medium in two phases of the chipped raw sarmiento. It's about a continuous cleaning and rinsing process, composed of two units arranged in line:

  • 1 Drive: High density element separation. Equipped with a system of decantation of water and filtration, as well as a tilting system for improper discharge.
  • 2 Drive: Sandstone and adhering land cleaning. It is a rinsing system equipped with a membrane filter.

This equipment is capable of processing 50.000 tons of gross sarmiento at a 14 performance t / h, obtaining 40.000t of sarmiento valued with a Calorific Power of 19,12 Gj / t and ashes lower than 3%. The cleaning of 20% implies an increase of 0,955 MW / t.

This biomass, incapable of being valorized just collected in the farmer's plot, due to the high level of improper pollutants it contains, 20% of stones, sand, metals and plastics, when being valorized makes it possible:

  • La value of more than 1.500.000 annual tons of biomass woody of sarmiento, betting on sustainability and generating 1.875 direct and indirect jobs.
  • To take advantage of 6.600.000 MW thermal per year, avoiding the emission every year of 2.464 kt of CO2, 8.760 t of NOx, 2.190 t of SOx, 191.850 t of CO, 28.620 t of VOC.
  • El current regulatory compliancesuch as the 22 / 2011 Waste Law, the Climate Change Strategy, the Circular Economy Law and the 34 / 2007 Air Quality Law.
  • Obtaining environmental benefits avoiding the burning of the sarmiento at the foot of the plot, which would reduce by more than 90% the carbon footprint in the wine industry (calculation made according to the IPCC method).

This valued sarmiento biomass can be used as an industrial pellet of 10 mm, like splintered alpacada for thermal and electrical industry over long distances, even for export, and as a splinter in bulk for the thermal and electrical industry nearby.

ATHISA BIOGENERATION has presented this candidacy for the Innovation Prize Expobiomasa 2019. More information about the Innovation Award here