The Aranda de Duero Heat Network conducts its performance tests satisfactorily

District heating Aranda de Duero

The technical team of the Heat Network with Biomass of Aranda de Duero has carried out during the last weeks the functional tests and they are already in conditions of supply thermal energy that produce from biomass.

This new District Heating with biomass now has more than 500 connected homes, surpassing the neighboring 1.500, in addition to the Claret school. And the goal is to provide heating and domestic hot water to 4.600 homes and 30 public buildings in the arandina city. A total of 12 megawatts of installed power 45,5 will generate millions of kilowatts of thermal energy at a plant that will consume 13.500 tons of local biomass per year. Connected buildings will stop emitting 14.700 tons of CO2 to the atmosphere with a creation of 40 jobs between direct and indirect.

The connection does not imply any extra cost for the neighbors because the work in the boiler room is the responsibility of the company, while the consumer only pays for the thermal energy of biomass that he consumes. Consumption is measured individually with a kilowatt meter placed on the landing of the portal and it is not necessary for the cabin to have any other equipment or boiler.

Parallel, the network will arrive soon to the central cogeneration of Energy Works Aranda whose main client is Michelin. The biomass project will take advantage of the heat of the cogeneration plant located in the Michelin industrial plant. The resulting heat will be conducted through the Heat Network so that it can be used in the heating and domestic hot water systems of the neighbors of Aranda de Duero. This collaboration agreement is an example of hybridization and efficient use at a high level which can only be done in municipalities that have heat networks, which allow the integration of different sources of thermal energy.