Horizon +, an innovative biomass boiler with a self-cleaning system

horizon + by sugimat

The Horizon + is a rotary water tube boiler with a self-cleaning system that effectively combats fouling and the formation of deposits inside, which makes it a unique and innovative model on the market. The boiler, developed and patented by Sugimat, is designed to work with gases from solid waste combustion.

Its operation is based on the rotation of the boiler, which causes the dragging of the ashes between the smoke passages until its evacuation. All this, by means of an aggregate injection system that guarantees the cleanliness of the tubes. The new boiler model is capable of withstanding very high ash levels, maintaining constant performance throughout the entire operating time. 

This revolutionary boiler concept has some advantages over boilers with conventional cleaning systems:

  • Ability to handle fuels with very high percentages of unburnables without problems of obstruction of passage.
  • Savings in self-consumption generated by the need for compressed air and its subsequent installation.
  • Stable and non-decreasing performance during operating time.
  • Savings in scheduled stops for cleaning, both due to production stoppage and maintenance personnel hours.
  • Boiler dead zones caused by preferential flue gas paths in static boilers are avoided.
  • Mounting versatility, allowing installation at a low height, saving building and civil engineering costs.

The Horizon + boiler is manufactured in ranges of up to 12 MW of power and can work with fluids such as thermal oil and hot or superheated water. In addition, it is capable of adapting to different combustion systems such as the mobile grate, the fluid bed or the outcropping furnace.  

Sugimat will be present at Expobiomasa 2021 (stand 263), there you will be able to find out first-hand about the operation and advantages of the Horizon +, among other products. 

Click here to see the video of the operation of the Horizon +                     

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