Scotland's oldest boarding school also uses BIOMASS

The Loretto School, near Edinburgh

The Loretto school, near Edinburgh, has significantly reduced carbon emissions and has increased energy efficiency, thanks to a new installation of biomass boiler.

HW-Energy designed and installed a biomass heating system in the Scottish boarding school and replaced outdated diesel boilers with an installation of 450kW of biomass for three accommodation buildings. The school also benefits from a professional service and maintenance contract.

“We analyze several options. Although initially the investment cost of biomass was higher for us, In the medium and long term it was the best option and significantly reduced our carbon emissions ”said Stephen Howard, an economist at Loretto School. “The service and maintenance contract worked very well for us and we had no problems that were not addressed in a timely manner. We also like the fact that if we have to make an emergency call in the middle of the night, the response is quick, ”said the person in charge of the hiring.

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