NESTLÉ values ​​cocoa husks at its factory in Cantabria with a new biomass boiler.

biomass industry
The company has another biomass boiler at its soluble coffee factory in Girona

The new boiler has been installed by Bioenergy Ibérica and uses cocoa husks as biofuel to obtain the 12.250 tons of steam per year needed by the chocolate factory located in La Penilla de Cayón, while reducing CO2.100 emissions by XNUMX tons2.

The boiler uses the husk obtained in the cocoa roasting process as biofuel to produce steam and for the roasting process itself. In this way, Nestlé promotes the circular economy in its production processes.

In the press release, Arnau Pi, head of Sustainability at Nestlé Spainnotes that the boiler complements other efficient energy generation processes already existing in the factory.

Nestlé advances towards zero net emissions in its Spanish factories with the entry into operation of the new biomass boiler in the Cantabria chocolate factory. The company has had another biomass boiler at its soluble coffee factory in Girona since 2020, a photovoltaic park in Reus, a sustainable refrigeration system at the Viladrau bottling plant and, in addition, its 10 factories in Spain obtain electricity from renewable sources. renewable.

Bioenergy Ibérica participates in EXPOBIOMASA


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