Domusa Teknik presents a new biomass boiler for heating and DHW

home boiler
The 35 kW BIOCLASS IC DX boiler expands the service possibilities of the range of equipment for heating and domestic hot water with pellets

Domusa Teknik expands the range of pellet boilers for heating and domestic hot water with a new 35 kW model to serve larger installations and with greater domestic hot water performance, thus completing a range of three powers: 18 kW, 25kw and 35kw.

This range, with built-in connectivity as standard via Wi-Fi network through the application iconnect, includes an intelligent combustion control system that, through continuous analysis of the quality of the flame and the air flow, ensures combustion with practically non-existent dust emissions into the atmosphere (Zero Dust).

The BioClass IC DX range has a compact design and includes a stainless steel DHW accumulator and an inertia buffer as standard, together with the rest of the hydraulic elements for its correct installation, with the consequent saving of space in the home.

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DOMUSA TEKNIK is a company associated with AVEBIOM

Interview with Daniel Castander, managing director of Domusa Teknik