Eggersmann installs another FORUS SE 250 wood and biomass crusher in Salamanca (Spain)


The FORUS SE2 electric drive universal 250-shaft pre-shredder has just arrived at this plant in Castilla y León, which it is perfectly suited to effortlessly shredding plant debris, demolition wood, branches, stumps, etc.

The different configurations of the crushing unit allow a specific adaptation to any material and output size. In this case, it is a multifunctional crushing unit with a counter comb (interchangeable and hydraulically folding) type A3 to obtain the desired quality and quantity. This shredding unit is insensitive to impurities and its self-cleaning means that the material does not wrap around, avoiding possible kinks. Each axis has its drive and allows the operation of both axes independently in different ways. The connection between the shaft and the drive is by means of a retractable disc coupling that transmits power optimally and freely, thanks to the friction connection. An automatic lubrication system periodically lubricates the labyrinth seals of the crushing unit with grease.

This pre grinder is equipped with a 132 kW electric motor, avoiding unnecessary emissions to the environment, low maintenance and becoming a very silent machine.

The lifting hopper is in charge of feeding and dosing the material inside the crushing unit and the conveyor belt that collects the crushed material achieves a discharge height of up to 3,2 m.

The hydraulically lifting and folding magnetic separator on top of the discharge belt is in charge of cleaning the crushed material of ferric impurities.

El FORUS shredder It is operated by a Siemens controller consisting of various modules. All information is sent to these modules through sensors, switches or signals and the integrated software controls the machine based on these input values. By means of the touch screen the machine is controlled and configured with its various crushing programs and all the relevant information on the machine is displayed. On the other hand, by means of the radio remote control it is possible to comfortably operate the FORUS SE250 from the loader while the machine is being fed.

With a crushing capacity of up to 25 t / h, the FORUS SE250 is an excellent multifunctional and versatile machine that adapts perfectly to any need.