Wood stoves and fireplaces Carbel in Expobiomasa

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Vicent Rodriguez, Commercial Director and Marketing of Carbel presents the news of the Carbel company in Expobiomasa. Carbel offers a line of products based on the consumption of wood as fireplaces or stoves.

The wood fireplace model G100, home of guillotine door, a system of lift door, which facilitates cleaning. It includes a channeled system that allows the distribution of hot air through the top through diffusers of different models and sizes. The interior of the chimneys is lined with plates of refractory cement, a double baffle system to avoid heat loss and a ventilation system that allows to raise or lower the speed of it.

The RA85 wood stove, available in a bench version, with space for storage of firewood, or suspended on the wall. It is a model with crystals to the 3 sides with a wide view of fire and 3 ventilation speeds. The interior material is Thermic cement, material with high thermal inertia that achieves energy savings. This model has air vents both on the front and on the sides. For combustion control, they have different air intakes, main and secondary, as well as to improve performance and reduce cleaning.

Finally, the RK60 model can be installed suspended on the wall or on a bench. It has a primary air inlet for the ignition and secondary air inlet to control the combustion. It has a performance of a 81%, coated with Thermic ceramic interior, material that raises the temperature during combustion. This model has an external connection in case you want to connect it and a system with two fans.

CARBEL will be present at EXPOBIOMASA 2019.

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