ECOFRICALIA, new representative of MAESMA Wood Technology

biomass pellets
Acquiring a pelletizing machine is increasingly seen as an opportunity.

ECOFRICALIA is the distributor in Spain of the Italian house SMARTWOOD, manufacturer of pelletizing machines, which stand out for fitting into self-consumption projects and/or short marketing channels.

Among its products, small and medium-sized production plants of between 200-1000kg/h stand out, aimed at local companies: carpentry shops, furniture factories, doors, windows... And various organizations that wish to transform their wood waste into fuel: associations, town halls... " That they have a problem with wood waste, and they don't know what to do with it”

ECOFRICALIA offers SMARTWOOD machines and lines at a national and international level (projects have already been implemented in Spain, Portugal, Romania, Kenya and Latin America) and also provides the necessary complementary equipment to start the activity: chippers, grinders, compressors, laboratory equipment.

ECOFRICALIA offers carpenters and furniture manufacturers, the main clients of TEACHER, a tool to generate wealth, and that at the same time solves the problem of what to do with the waste from the workshop or factory.

 “It is an affordable investment -says Luis Pacheco-. Also within the reach of smaller companies, and always with rapid repayments, between one and three years. Acquiring a pelletizing machine is increasingly seen as an opportunity. Renewable energies are here to stay, and the demand for pellets is growing everywhere”.