Spain barely takes advantage of 35% of the biomass resources generated by forests

Expobiomasa patio area demonstration

Pellet production in Spain still has a wide margin of growth, since only 35% of the biomass resources generated each year are used, which are around 50 million cubic meters.

This low use, 30 points below the European average, causes excessive accumulation of wood in the forest, since Spain has more than 28 million hectares of forest, with stocks of more than 1.100 million cubic meters of biomass (wood, firewood, etc.)

However, in the last two years there have been difficulties in the auctions and, sometimes, shortage of raw material, which makes the price of the pellet more expensive and creates the feeling that it is wrong that the market is saturated. This has been revealed in the International Domestic Pellet Market Conference (CIMEP), convened by the Spanish Association of Energy Valuation of Biomass (Avebiom), which was held today in the framework of Expobiomasa 2019.

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