New PLT200 pelletizer at Expobiomasa, the perfect machine for small businesses

Ecofricalia pelletizers
Ecofricalia presented at Expobiomasa a new range of pelletizers for small businesses

ECOFRICALIA Smartwood's official distributor for the Iberian Peninsula and Latin America, presented this new range of pelletizers at Expobiomasa 2021

After months of development, the Italian pelletizing equipment manufacturer SmartwoodÒ brings to light the new range of pelletizers PLT200, equipment designed for small entrepreneurs who wish to start in the manufacture of pellets and the granulation of materials.

To continue making biomass an affordable bet for the future as distributed renewable energy, the new PLT200 was born, a team with professional features and moderate productions (100-150kg / h). The range consists of three teams that vary according to their level of automation:

  • PLT200-B: The most basic machine. Includes grease nipples to incorporate lubricant with a manual pump.
  • PLT200: With built-in electrical panel, it has an electronic ramp starter and allows controlling the PMP100 automatic lubrication device.
  • PLT200-PRO: Apart from the characteristics of the previous model, it has a small hopper with an endless screw attached to its upper part that feeds it and allows greater autonomy.

As in the entire range of SmartwoodÒ pelletizers, they incorporate two rollers on a flat die, an oversized motor and automatic / semi-automatic greasers that allow working up to three shifts if necessary. Other complementary equipment (refiner, belts, sieve, bagging ...) can also be incorporated to achieve superior autonomy.

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