EXPOBIOMASA 2023. Mission: further revitalize the commercial activity of the bioenergy sector

expobiomasa firewood pellet technology
EXPOBIOMASA will exhibit at the Valladolid Fair the largest offer of technology for biomass in Europe during 2023
  • The Spanish Association of Biomass, with the support of its associates, sponsors and allies, organizes a new edition of EXPOBIOMASA from May 9 to 11, the professional fair that revitalizes commercial activity in the bioenergy sector like no other event in Spain and Portugal.
  • The 14th edition of EXPOBIOMASA 2023 will bring together at the Valladolid Fair the largest offer of equipment and technologies related to the energy recovery of solid biomass that can be seen together this year throughout Europe: more than 460 exhibiting firms, 140 of them participating for first time, from 34 countries.

More than 12.000 professionals from Spain and Portugal and from 40 other countries will visit the Valladolid Fair from May 9 to 11 to learn about the latest biomass technology and contact directly with the suppliers exhibiting at the fourteenth edition of the EXPOBIOMASA fair.

In the 24.000 square meters of exhibition, the visitor to EXPOBIOMASA will be able to see the most advanced technologies and innovations related to biomass, from the latest models of stoves and boilers from the main Spanish and European manufacturers to the most efficient equipment for obtaining solid biofuels: machinery forestry and equipment for its manufacture; Along with all this technology will be the most important manufacturers and distributors of solid biofuels in Spain and Portugal and the most outstanding companies capable of executing district heating networks and power generation, cogeneration or solid biomass gasification plants.

The offer for the professional is completed by an attractive agenda of conferences and round tables on the topics that are currently influencing the future of bioenergy in Spain and in Europe: innovation, sustainability, decarbonization, solid biofuels market and development of innovative practices. with biomass that give way to new businesses both in bioenergy and in the field of bioeconomy.

Biomass currently replaces the consumption of 2.000 million liters of diesel per year thanks to 2.000.000 domestic firewood installations, more than 500.000 modernized pellet and other biomass equipment and 1.000 MW of installed electrical power. This activity employs 40.000 qualified people in a sector that continues to grow steadily and with good expectations: biomass generates 60% of the current production of renewable energy in the European Union and by 2050 it will be supplying 50% of all energy that we Europeans will consume.

Biomass remains the most competitive form of energy

With the most recent data published by Eurostats and IDAE on the average prices paid for energy by consumers in Spain in 2022, we have observed that biomass was, notably, the cheapest energy during last winter, the year of the energy crisis in Europe.

Heating an independent home with pellets has cost 44% less than using natural gas; and, if we look at large consumers, the difference is even more notable; For example, for every 10.000 euros of invoice paid by a community of neighbors that used natural gas, another community with a chip boiler only paid 2.200 euros.

Our commitment to companies and professionals in the sector

With the organization of this new edition of Expobiomasa, AVEBIOM keeps its commitment to professionals in the bioenergy sector, helping them in their commercial activity, considerably increasing the sales of the participating firms, and with the best performance of the country's economy in terms of consumption and production of renewable energy, to its decarbonization and the improvement of the competitiveness of companies.