Internet of things in the world of biomass and energy, a key topic at the 14th International Bioenergy Congress


The use of long-range, open and low-energy networks has given the possibility of exploring new applications and massive deployments of extremely useful sensors for the world of biomass. With these networks you can manage boilers, silos, transport, emissions, crops, production, certify the chains with Blockchain etc.

The air quality model with temperature, humidity and CO2 patented by Redytel IOT is an example of its capabilities. This technology presented for the Expobiomasa Innovation Award will be presented at the 14th edition of the International Bioenergy Congress. 

Simply measuring a temperature forces us to pay data for each measurement point via network, SIM card, etc. Having implemented this technology, it allows to measure all the sensors of entire cities with only 4 or 5 data points (Gateways). 

It can be used with temperatures, humidity, energy, boiler alarms but also thanks to its low energy it can be used with magnitudes related to crops or transport. An outstanding example is the massive sensorization project in the cities of Ponferrada, León or Boadilla:

Its application for distributed heat networks is novel and extremely useful for generating blockchain in energy exchange. 

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