Rika Domo Back, the new pellet stove with oven from the Austrian firm will be at Expobiomasa

rika stove

Rika's Domo Back model complements Rika's best-selling model with a kitchen oven. With adjustable temperature from the touch screen, both for the stove and for the oven, independently, the Domo Back model takes a step forward in the management of the energy generated with a view to making the most of it. In addition, this model can incorporate up to two convection air fans.

This stove not only heats one room, it can heat two more and cook your meal, all controlled manually, remotely by mobile phone, using the "Rika Firenet" module, or by voice, using the "Alexa" voice assistant. 

This model incorporates automatic cleaning of the combustion vessel using a rotating rack, a 36 kg pellet tank, and one of Rika's most valued features, its silent operation.

This model has been created at the time when the design of shared rooms is spreading in European architecture. For years the kitchen and living room of homes have become more and more open and close rooms. Domo Back is another element that contributes to this symbiosis, offering these spaces a reason for interrelation.

Rika will be at Expobiomasa and has presented this new team to the 2021 Innovation Award.

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