The chips generated by cleaning the trunks of centenary olive trees are also marketed as biomass


Centennial olive trees are practiced an ancestral technique to clean the trunks by eliminating the dry wood that is known as "dismantling", and whose objective is to rejuvenate the olive grove and improve its production. These chips are currently being burned in the field and are of no use. 

LYNX SUSTAINABLE, SL, a company that works in Baeza, the geographic center of the province of Jaén, in the midst of 66 million olive trees, many of them centenary, is dedicated to collecting these chips, processing them obtaining a size between 10-20 cm , pack them in wooden boxes or 5 kg jute bags and market them.

Its product serves as an alternative to charcoal, and in barbecues this product adds Mediterranean flavors and aromas typical of olive wood. 

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