Forest engineers ask to lower the VAT on biomass from 21 to 10%

biomass and pellets
Such discrimination towards biomass is neither efficient nor fair.

The Official College of Forestry Engineers has proposed to the Government, on the International Day of Forests, that a reduced VAT of 10% be applied, instead of the current 21%, to biomass of forest origin consumed by families for energy use. Such VAT reduction would mean a considerable saving estimated at 8% of the final cost of biomass.

The VAT reduction has already been applied since last June on the electricity bill, regardless of whether it comes from renewable energy or not. However, they say, biomass, which is the main source of renewable energy in the EU, is inexplicably excluded.

"Such discrimination towards biomass is not efficient for the fight against climate change and energy self-sufficiency, nor is it fair" indicates the College.

More than 500.000 homes in Spain already use pellets for heating, with the aim of reducing the demand for fossil or electrical energy, which do not stop increasing their price. In fact, biomass is much more efficient for heating than electricity.

The VAT reduction from 21% to 10% would give a boost to forest management and the use of agricultural pruning and urban trees, which in turn would help reduce the risk of fires, and revive the economy of rural areas, helping curb depopulation.

El School Official of Forestry Engineers participates in EXPOBIOMASA since its first edition that promotes the sustainable use of biomass for energy purposes.



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