The new SCHOTT ROBAX® IR SuperMax will be at Expobiomasa


ROBAX® IR SuperMax is a glass ceramic panel for observing fire designed in Germany with a new highly efficient infrared reflective coating on the outside of the panel. The cladding reflects significantly more heat into the fireplace combustion chamber than a ROBAX® panel without cladding. It has the highest infrared reflection in our ROBAX® Smart Heat range. The coating increases the temperature in the combustion chamber, which makes the combustion process much more efficient. Among other things, this can reduce the amount of particulate matter and CO. It also helps minimize the effects of user errors (for example, poor airflow or low fuel). The catalytic effect in a fireplace can be significantly improved, depending on the design of the fireplace.

In addition, as a result of this more efficient combustion, there will be less soot on the glass, significantly reducing cleaning needs. On the other hand, the living room is prevented from overheating and instead a pleasant warmth is created in the living space. Furniture and curtains can be brought closer to the fireplace and new design options open up for the living space, thanks to the printing options on the glass ceramic panel. In addition, the liner does not degrade, so liner performance remains constant throughout most of the life of the fireplace.

ROBAX® IR SuperMax, which is presented for the Expobiomasa Innovation Award, was developed for use in wood-burning fireplaces, but can also be installed in pellet stoves. It is especially suitable for chimneys in modern, well insulated, low energy consumption and / or passive houses. For this reason, our target customers are mainly manufacturers of wood-burning fireplaces looking for solutions for:

  • improve the combustion of the combustion process 
  • reduce emissions
  • avoid overheating,
  • reduce soot to minimize cleaning efforts

The latest product in the SCHOTT ROBAX® Smart Heat portfolio was launched in the fall of 2020 and the first samples were already delivered to customers earlier this year. This shows that with ROBAX® IR SuperMax technical innovation, we identify and understand current and future challenges in the fireplace industry and offer a solution that can contribute to future legal requirements. However, as its effects are highly dependent on fireplace design and usage habits, we recommend testing ROBAX® IR SuperMax to achieve the desired results in your products.

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