May 9, 10 and 11, 2023, new dates for Expobiomasa

Expobiomasa, the leading fair in the bioenergy sector, will be held in the spring of 2023

AVEBIOM proposes to hold the 14th edition of EXPOBIOMASA during the second week of May 2023 with the aim of promoting the participation and assistance of the largest possible number of professionals interested in the sector.

Jorge Herrero, director of Expobiomasa, reasons the decision: “until now we have held the event in the fall, with the campaign “on top”; this, which during the first years was a communication shock that managed to increase sales of stoves and pellets, has now changed with the maturity reached by the market.”

And it is that, today, given the increase in sales of equipment, the shortage of some components and better handling of information by customers, the sector is obliged to anticipate both the planning of the factories and the contracts for supply.                                                                                                                              

“With the change of dates we intend to help our exhibitors to improve production planning in their factories for the season and to more accurately manage their stocks for distribution. In this way they will be able to guarantee consumers the best service”, Blacksmith explains.

Restore confidence

Expobiomasa will be the largest exclusive event in the sector in 2023, not only in Spain and Portugal, but throughout Europe. AVEBIOM hopes to regain the trust of the firms and professionals who did not attend the last edition concerned about the health situation at that time.

Thanks to the rigorous security protocol established by the organization and its exquisite follow-up by the 327 exhibiting firms and the 7.480 professionals from 25 countries who attended the last edition, Expobiomasa became the best possible place to get back in touch personally and face face to face with more professionals in three days than in a whole year of commercial visits.

An event that helps improve sector planning

The advancement of the dates of the fair will help customers and suppliers to know the real situation and market trends with perspective and time to better prepare the campaign. It is foreseeable that the demand for biomass equipment will increase given the current extraordinary situation of the energy market, with the prices of fossil gas, heating oil and, especially, of electricity on a continuous rise and the fuel supply problems that are sense throughout Europe. 

At the proposal of a majority of exhibitors and members of AVEBIOM, the Spanish Biomass Association has decided to organize the next edition of Expobiomasa in the spring of 2023, thus adapting to the current rates of equipment manufacturing and installation and becoming the largest exclusive event of the sector in Europe of the year.

Biomass can be claimed today more than ever as a renewable, efficient, highly profitable, manageable and, above all, own source of energy.

We are waiting for you all again from May 9 to 11, 2023 in Valladolid!