AGENEX will be present at EXPOBIOMASA 2019


La Extremadura Energy Agency (AGENEX)Through the project PROMOBIOMASSE, participates in EXPOBIOMASA, which consolidates itself as an important professional forum for the development of the bioenergy sector.

Extremadura has a vast potential for the development of this sector, with more than 400.000 hectares usable for agricultural biomass and 1.300.000 hectares for forest biomass. In addition, there is also room for the expansion of energy crops in the territory of Extremadura, which could reach 400.000 hectares in the Autonomous Community.

And it is that biomass is a renewable energy that can also generate employment in the region, so for AGENEX this type of meetings represent a great opportunity to boost business initiatives in this area.

Therefore, the PROMOBIOMASSE project will present at this Fair the short circuit biomass utilization model, whose added value consists in integrating in a model all aspects of the value chain for the management and use of a local resource of the territories such as the forest masses, to respond to a local energy demand in a sustainable way both environmentally and economically. PROMOBIOMASSE is co-financed by the Interreg SUDOE program.