Bioliza presents at Expobiomasa a biomass gasification system for the combined generation of electrical and thermal energy in self-consumption mode in agro-industries

Bioliza, gasification system

It is a solution for the recovery of waste and by-products from the agri-food sector, based on gasification technology, for the combined generation of electrical and thermal energy in self-consumption mode. The end customer, agribusiness, makes it possible to value its biomass by generating its own energy and obtaining other value-added products such as biochar and, in a second phase, green hydrogen and CO2. 

The solution is designed to recover residual biomass such as olive pomace, which is the main by-product of olive oil production, representing 80% by weight of the total fruit and entailing significant logistical and energy problems associated with its high initial humidity, of the order of 65-70%. Other types of biomass such as chips, rice husk, bagasse, etc. can also be gasified.

With this technology, based on a downdraft type gasifier or parallel currents, it is possible to obtain a syngas with a high PCI (1.336,11 kcal / Nm3) which is injected into motor-generator sets in 500 kW modules (SIEMENS brand) for the production of electrical energy in self-consumption mode (type 2). The thermal energy is used for the previous drying and for the production of hot water for the review of the pomace. In addition, a product called biochar with 65% fixed carbon is obtained, suitable to be used as a fertilizer or for other industrial applications or as a biofuel (PCI 5.841 kcal / kg. 

The main recipients of the solution are agroindustries that generate their own biomass and that present simultaneous demands for thermal and electrical energy. It could also be applied to industries in the forestry and wood sector, including activities in the field of management and treatment of MSW, since the gasification system is very flexible in terms of raw materials to be used. This technology also has the great advantage of cracking most of the hydrocarbons, with which the syngas comes out in better conditions for use in motor-generator sets.

This technology, which Recursos Estratégicos de Biomasa, SL (BIOLIZA) has presented to the Expobiomasa Innovation Award, allows working in three lines: the production of gas for drying wet biomass with the consequent environmental improvement and cost reduction by reducing stages in cleaning the syngas; the generation of energy for self-consumption (cogeneration) and the production of green hydrogen and CO2, through a process of reforming the syngas with steam, displacing CO towards H2 and CO2.

This means that the market is huge since it allows replacing fossil fuels with renewable ones (syngas) in industrial or tertiary fields. Generate thermal energy for processes, for example in pellet plants or in wet waste management industries, etc. 

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