EXPOBIOMASA activates the biomass sector with more than 300 exhibiting firms

expobiomasa map
From September 21 to 23 in person at the Valladolid Fair and from September 27 to 30 online, the new edition of Expobiomasa aims to boost commercial activity in the sector.

The exhibitors will present news, technology and the largest offer in a safe space to restore confidence to strengthen personal relationships in a sector that has not stopped growing and with very good expectations for the coming years.

Expobiomasa 2021 will concentrate more than 300 exhibiting firms in a total of 21.000 square meters at the Valladolid Fair, where the latest technology, the best offers of the moment and the news of the sector will be displayed. The organization, by holding the fair on the scheduled dates, trusts to boost commercial activity to unprecedented figures, it is a sector that has not stopped growing for 15 years, and it is known that the professionals who attend will take advantage of it. from the visit to the fair in which the exhibiting firms from 28 countries are turning to their best technology.

The main objective of the contest is to promote biomass as a source of energy, both in the domestic and industrial fields, in addition to promoting the commercial activity of the sector, which in recent editions meant an increase in business generated in the order of 16 million euros. euros.

Among the events that will take place during the three days of the fair, it is worth highlighting the celebration of the first Renewable Gas Show which has 30 exhibitors, the collaboration of the Spanish Biogas Association and a wide program of conferences and conferences, some of them within the program of the XIV International Bioenergy Congress, which aims to present to professionals the solutions with biomass and renewable gas in the face of the change in the energy model and the urgent challenges of bioenergy in Latin America.

The sector is experiencing a "sweet moment" with numerous projects, incentives, policies, and above all obtaining the support of society thanks to the fact that the use of biomass on the one hand is one of the best tools for preventing forest fires and on the other On the other hand, it is undoubtedly the energy that most favors our economy since it is not only the most economical but it is the most economic resources and employment it leaves in our towns and regions.

It is a sector that already moves more than 3.000 million euros as a whole in Spain and that it trusts is to continue to be essential as a renewable energy to support the country's energy mix.