Expobiomasa exhibitors are confident that they will be able to hold the next fair safely for everyone

expobiomass 2021
It is time to adapt to the circumstances and new challenges that arise, and to bet firmly on an unstoppable sector

After the stoppage of activity due to the lockdown in March, which coincided with the end of the last heating season, the second half of 2020 is being very active for the biomass sector in Spain and throughout Europe. Thousands of new facilities that have already been put into operation this atypical autumn and together with the start-up of large electricity generation plants and the publication of aid to the sector are reactivating it.

An increase in heating consumption is being perceived due, among other causes, to the increase in ventilation in homes and spaces for public use. In addition, there is an increase in the use of second homes where users are opting for technified biomass equipment (stoves and boilers) as the main heating solution. They are two of the factors that are promoting biomass as the best renewable alternative of the moment.

Expobiomasa 2021, an unstoppable sector

It will be held in Valladolid from September 21 to 23, will again show that despite the pandemic and the harsh scenario that we have had to live in 2020, the biomass sector has continued to work hard and in very difficult conditions, looking for new opportunities to start 2021 with more enthusiasm and strength if possible .

For this reason, Expobiomasa is committed to a new edition with the support and backing of all the exhibiting companies that have already confirmed their participation trusting that within 9 months the limitations on population mobility will disappear.

EXPOBIOMASA is the key fair for the market in Spain, Portugal and Latin America and is in the global TOP5 of specialized fairs in the sector.

In the last edition they participated more than 500 exhibiting firms from 30 countries, being the best showcase with the latest technology, design and performance, offering modern solutions to more than 15.000 increasingly demanding and better-informed professionals.

End of first contract term

On April 30, the second contract period ends with a discount on the contracted space. Make your reservation now and take advantage of these discounts. If you are interested in obtaining more information or receiving a customized proposal, contact by email with Carmen.ruperez@expobiomasa.com o Teresa.leonardo@expobiomasa.com or by phone at 975102020 XNUMX XNUMX. More information

I Renewable Gas Show

This year, in addition, the XNUMXst Renewable Gas Show will be held in parallel, focused on promoting the development of biogas as a source of renewable energy. Organized jointly by AEBIG and AVEBIOM, It will be the first exclusive technology fair for professionals and companies related to renewable gas in Spain, Portugal and Latin America. More information