New biomass factory to produce pyrolytic charcoal in Extremadura

charcoal generation

Oliva Corks - CARBOON is the first plant in Spain to produce charcoal in pyrolytic furnaces and is able to transform firewood from pruning and felling into charcoal through pyrolysis, which chemically decomposes an organic element and transforms it into another. This is achieved at elevated temperatures in the absence of oxygen.

The three key advantages of this process are:

  • Environmentally it reduces the emission of gases to a minimum.
  • From the energy point of view, it takes advantage of gases as fuel to make the process autonomous and without other energy consumption.
  • Regarding the quality, a vegetable carbon with high calorific value and fixed carbon above 90% is obtained.

This process has been presented as a candidate for the Expobiomasa 2021 Innovation Award.

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