Palazzetti presents at Expobiomasa a system for the total combustion of pellets

Palazzetti total combustion

This revolutionary technology allows the burning of all unburned waste from pellet combustion equipment, many of which fall into the brazier. At the end of the combustion process there are usually tiny mineral particles that no longer burn

This innovation called Complete Burning System, which is presented at Expobiomasa, allows a process that completely burns the entire pellet. It is guaranteed by the material with which the brazier of the latest generation Palazzetti stoves is made: the Thermofix. This special material of natural origin based on refractory clays and molten cements is characterized by its great heat accumulation capacity, which guarantees very high temperatures in the combustion chamber, triggering the re-ignition process of unburned materials. 

Through the total combustion of the pellets, it is possible to achieve greater energy efficiency, lower emissions that are harmful to the environment, and practicality of use linked to the drastic reduction of ash residues generated by combustion.

The Complete Burning System used in the latest generation Palazzetti brand stoves and boilers such as the Jackie stove and the JP Boiler, together with the automatic cleaning system of the ashtray and heat exchangers, allows the production of extremely efficient, ecological products. and practical for the user, bringing biomass even closer to the growing demands of private customers.

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