PRODESA presents a new matrix energy optimization process at Expobiomasa

Prodesa's optimized matrix

Prodesa Medioambiente presents at Expobiomasa a new optimization process for its clients and performance tests with two different developments to increase production and lower its electricity consumption. The results have been very satisfactory and they are currently working with five more clients to improve their electrical cost per ton of pellets using their method of designing dies. 

The result with its customer 1 is that they have increased the kg / kW by 20% while achieving an increase in the useful life of both dies and rollers. The impact of this improvement has been significant for their operations since they have been able to produce up to 20% more pellets without increasing the electricity bill. With their client 2 they have been able to increase the kg / kW by 6%, also without reducing the useful life of their spare parts, and they continue working on the development of the dies to continue optimizing their energy cost. 

In conclusion, the result is a matrix that manages to differentiate itself from a product with little differentiation between the main brands in the market, and give it a competitive advantage. They are unique pieces, designed to adapt and adjust to the characteristics of each client, with immediate application and direct, measurable and verifiable results in the plant's operating expenses account. 

The process

In the first place, the different energy consumptions of the plant's operations, the costs between energy and consumables and the distribution of percentages in electricity consumption were evaluated. Pellet plants have to manage their operations well to ensure benefits with the pellets produced. This management has been especially important with the fall in the price of pellets in the last year. Around 25% of the costs associated with the sale of pellets correspond to production in the factory. This section includes spare parts, energy and personnel expenses, among others. Granulators are the biggest consumers of electricity.

After this first study, the structure of the matrices, the integration and the operation within the granulators were analyzed. Among other factors, the technology of the materials, the behavior of the steel, the distribution of loads and physical, chemical and mechanical parameters were examined that led to a proposal of optimization measures to achieve a higher production per kW. In the next step, the measures proposed for each client were implemented and the results were evaluated. 

Thanks to this experience, Prodesa Medioambiente has developed a die optimization system that not only produces more pellets per kW, but at the same time allows smoother operation for the granulator and increases the life of dies and rollers.

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