An electronic control for wood stoves and a comprehensive concept of forest management and tourism receive the 2023 Biomass Innovation Awards

biomass technology innovation awards
A total of 32 applications have been selected for the double award organized by EXPOBIOMASA and the INTERCAMBIOM network

The “Electronic Combustion Control-ECC” for wood stoves, presented by JOTUL GROUP, has been chosen by the jury as the winner in the TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION category.

In the INNOVATIVE PRACTICE category, the public vote and the jury have awarded the “MHE+Bosque” initiative, presented by MONTE HOLIDAY ECOTOURISM.

The prizes will be awarded on May 9 at the Valladolid Fair, after the official opening of EXPOBIOMASA, the international fair for biomass technologies, at 13:00 p.m.

The electronic systemECC on JOTUL F 170 & SCAN 67” for combustion control in wood stoves developed by JOTUL GROUP substantially improves the operation of this type of equipment, reducing its emissions and increasing its efficiency, with easy handling by the user.

Since 2021, firewood is attracting the attention of many domestic consumers, especially for its lower price compared to other biofuels more affected by inflation. This renewed interest in firewood has been accompanied by an increase of around 25% per year in sales of modern wood-burning stoves, fireplaces, stoves and boilers. It is therefore very appropriate to improve the performance and control of this equipment that harmonizes traditional use with the highest technology.

private initiative “MHE+Forest” that MONTE HOLIDAY ECOTURISMO is carrying out in Madrid's Sierra de Guadarrama establishes a synergistic relationship between forest management adaptive to climate change, production of renewable energy in the tourism sector, reduction of the carbon footprint and protection of the forest and people from to forest fires.

The biomass obtained from the management of the private holm oak grove where the complex is located and from other nearby forest masses is valued in the camping heat network. This model can serve as an example for other companies in the tourism sector and for small and medium-sized mountain towns.

In the TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION category, in addition to the first prize, endowed with €2.000, two second prizes of €500 have been awarded to two candidates: the “HAAS TYRON HYBRID biomass primary crusher”, presented by its distributor in Spain, TÉCNICAS DE GESTIÓN Y MAQUINARIA MEDIOAMBIENTAL, capable of working at normal regime with diesel or electricity both in the field and in the plant; and the system “0-EMISSION”, presented by the consortium of companies formed by COMERCIAL PROJAR, SUGIMAT, SINGULARGREEN, COMERCIAL J. HUETE and INGELIA, which combines new combustion systems with biofilters that allow for a considerable reduction in emissions in industrial projects.

The best INNOVATIVE PRACTICE will be rewarded in the form of promotion through seminars, publications and other visualization actions promoted by the network INTERCAMBIOM to facilitate its adoption by potential users.

Choice of winners

In the Technological Innovation category, the assessment was made by a jury made up of professionals with extensive experience in different fields of biomass and bioeconomy from the CEDER-Ciemat, CIRCE Foundation, ASEMFO and AVEBIOM. In the Innovative Practice category, a popular voting process was established, which collected 6.178 votes in 10 days, contributing 50%, while the evaluations of the jury weighed the remaining 50%.

In addition to the winners, each and every one of the 32 Innovative technologies and practices that have been submitted to this double call for awards deserve recognition for their commitment to the revitalization and economic development of the biomass sector in our country.