A unique fair

Expobiomasa is a unique fair where visitors and exhibitors get more contacts in three days than in a whole year. It is a professional fair, in which three of each 4 visitors were already engaged or involved in projects related to biomass, and the rest comes to find products and services to join.

+ 500 exhibitors * 30 countries * 15.000 visitors

DATES: 21, 22 and 23 for September.

SCHEDULE: 09: 30h. - 18: 30h.

ENCLOSURE: Fair of Valladolid. Avda. Ramón Pradera, 3. Valladolid. Spain.


This revolutionary technology allows the burning of all unburned waste from pellet combustion equipment, many of which fall into the brazier. At the end of the combustion process there are usually tiny mineral particles that no longer burn
The deadline for submitting candidatures ended on June 30. A total of 36 nominations have been submitted for the double Innovation Award.
Ecofricalia Sostenible SL presents at Expobioamsa this new device that allows the sale of bulk pellets in an automated way through electronic management and unattended payment by bank card, with very low consumption and minimal maintenance. 
Briquetas CarWood has carried out a study focused on the calculation of greenhouse gas emissions generated during heating in greenhouses using fossil fuels and densified biomass fuels. The study was carried out for a greenhouse with an area of ​​5.000 m2, estimating emissions for fossil fuels and biomass from British Government emission factors. 
Domusa presents its new boiler at Expobiomasa that incorporates in the upper part of the combustion chamber, a sanitary water accumulator made of stainless steel and a heating water buffer. 
Oliva Corks - CARBOON is the first plant in Spain that produces charcoal in pyrolytic ovens and manages to transform firewood from pruning and felling into charcoal through pyrolysis, which chemically decomposes an organic element and transforms it into another. This is achieved at elevated temperatures in the absence of oxygen. The three key advantages of this process are:
The quality of biomass is defined by physical-chemical parameters that vary depending on its nature (PCI / PCS, humidity, ash, volatiles, fixed carbon, etc.). The Biomasstep project has developed a fast, non-polluting and innovative analytical methodology, which establishes the biomass quality parameters instantly, and which is based on the application of NIRS Technology (Near Infrared Reflectance Spectroscopy).
ALPHA SYLTEC INGENIERIA has presented to the Innovation Award the application of techniques used in large simulators for a custom training simulator for an SME. These projects that are normally prohibitive for any company that is not a large multinational. 
Professionals can now be accredited for free on the web and obtain access to the current in-person event that will have stands and demonstrations of 280 firms that will be the technological and market leaders in the coming years in the production of pellets, firewood and other biofuels. technology and projects for the generation of bioenergy, boilers and industrial equipment, and undoubtedly in the domestic sector of boilers, stoves and fireplaces.
The International Bioenergy Congress -CIB- will dedicate its 14th edition to reviewing the solutions that solid biomass and renewable gas contribute to the change in the energy model in the Iberian Peninsula and Latin America and the challenges that arise to achieve their full incorporation into the mix energetic.
"The webinar was an interesting contact for our companies and also for Canadian organizations on an issue with great potential for development in both countries, such as biomass power generation, an important resource in both Canada and Spain", according to Javier Díaz, president of AVEBIOM.
The meeting plans to mark the relaunch of the commercial activity of the sector at the beginning of the next season. Health safety will be a priority in this edition, with coordinated measures together with the Castilla y León Fair Institution. As in previous editions, the hiring of spaces with special discounts for exhibitors is extended until April 30. AVEBIOM, the Spanish Biomass Association and the main employer of the biomass sector in Spain, maintains on the scheduled dates the celebration of EXPOBIOMASA 2021, the