Make the most of the mountain biomass

La technification of forestry work is key to be efficient in the biomass energy sector, a relatively new sector that grows steadily. The demand for wood in Europe will grow in the next decades by 40%, and Spain has a long way to go.

The consumption of biomass to generate heat in an automated way has multiplied by 5 in the last 10 years. Only the manufacture of pellets in Spain already requires more than three million cubic meters of pine wood in Spain.

After the commissioning of 200MWe in recent years, the use of biomass for electricity generation is expected to make a significant jump with the commissioning of another 380MW in the coming years. The government plans foresee multiply by three the current installed power, something that would be key to profitable forest exploitation.

The Galiforest Abanca forestry monograph, organized by the International Fair of Galicia ABANCA, is already preparing to celebrate its seventh edition from June 27 to 29. It will be again at the Sergude Agroforestry Training and Experimentation Center, located in the Boqueixón town hall (very close to Santiago de Compostela).
The patented Garden-Master is the new XAVA vibrating sieve for home use. Intended for screening garden materials, the XAVA vibrating screen also guarantees good aeration in the final product.
HAMMEL Recyclingtechnik GmbH, located in central Germany, is a manufacturer of primary and secondary shredders and processing plants, from where they have been distributed worldwide since 1996. The range of HAMMEL primary shredders has 5 models available in versions stationary electric or mobile with diesel engine. The second largest is the HAMMEL VB 850 DK.
Pronar's line of recycling machines incorporates the latest technology on the market, with a complete range of wheel or chain sieves, mobile waste shredders, mobile stacker conveyors and compost turners. Noted for its robustness, quality and competitive price, Pronar equipment ensures its durability and reliability both in its operation and in the after-sales service.
PILANA is a leading Czech manufacturer of knives and parts for mobile chippers. With more than 80 years of experience in the market, PILANA uses high-quality tool steel with a chromium content of 8% to guarantee the highest quality of its products. The company employs state-of-the-art production technology and is ISO 9001 quality test certified. In addition, PILANA is among the largest manufacturers of industrial blades in the world, exporting to more than 80 countries.
The Forst ST6P wood chipper is a compact and powerful machine that is designed to shred all types of wood materials, from branches and logs to garden waste and old wood.
The Logset 8F GT is an economical forwarder. It has a load capacity of 15 tons and its loading area allows the placement of two 3-meter stacks of logs. Its ability is admirable even in the worst conditions. Overcome the difficult challenges that represent, for example, soft terrain, steep surfaces or long journeys supported by its powerful engine and solid transmission.
Europa Parts as a company specialized in the biomass recycling and treatment sector, offers high quality products and services, has a large stock of used and new machinery at its disposal, also offers all kinds of spare parts and spare parts for all kind of needs. It will be present with technology from: 
One of the main challenges identified in the use of the stump is its preparation and cleaning. In response to this need, a new forest product was created, totally innovative in the sector worldwide, which allows the transformation of the stump into cleaner wood at the extraction site. With its use, the extraction of the stump for the production of pulp or energy (biomass) will be easier and faster.
The HAAS TYRON primary crusher is known for its high performance, excellent quality and mobility. The new hybrid version combines the power of a mobile machine with the energy efficiency of an electric one. In addition, with its XL version it will be possible to increase up to 30% more power and performance, reaching up to 100 t/h.
The first professional chipper with an electric motor and Li-Ion batteries that provide enough energy for 5 hours of work. Crushes branches up to 175 mm. in diameter and its weight does not exceed 750 kg, including the trailer approved for road traffic. Its production capacity is 8 m3/h and the size of the chip can be adjusted between 4 and 12mm, modifying the speed of feed rollers.
Bianna studies, designs, manufactures and installs turnkey equipment and facilities for the wood industry. The experience accumulated over more than 50 years allows us to participate in each stage of wood processing from the forest to the final products. Recognized experience in Europe, Africa and sometimes on other continents. Export is an important path of growth, in particular with the associated subsidiaries of the PLC group, with more than 600 employees spread all over the world (Germany, Brazil, United States, China, India, Romania…).