The American crushing giant CBI lands in Spain thanks to the Aragonese group Grupo DIR.

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CBI, Continental Biomass Industries, belonging to Terex Corporation, already has more than 30 years of experience in the sector and a wide portfolio of products, where the range of mobile horizontal crushing machinery.


At the beginning of the year, Grupo DIR already delivered one of its crushers, the CBI 5400BT in the Basque Country. This model of chain-driven horizontal mobile shredder has a 775 hp SCANIA engine, weighing 34 tons and different interchangeable shredding drums that allow it to shred any type of wood, forest residue, contaminated wood and RSU, solid waste without problem. urban.

DIR group

Grupo DIR, based in Zaragoza, is a solid business group with a presence in sectors such as trading, distribution, transport, industry, steel and food, it has become the visible face of CBI since last year it was established as the exclusive distributor of The American brand for all of Spain.   


Grupo DIR also exclusively represents for Spain the giant liu gong of Chinese origin, a manufacturer of construction and public works machinery that currently occupies the 15th position on the prestigious list of machinery manufacturers in the sector worldwide "Yellow Table".

DIR Group participates in Expobiomasa 2023, exhibiting with their CBI crushing equipment and LiuGong machinery adapted to the forestry and biomass field.

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