haas tyron

The HAAS TYRON primary crusher is known for its high performance, excellent quality and mobility. The new hybrid version combines the power of a mobile machine with the energy efficiency of an electric one. In addition, with its XL version it will be possible to increase up to 30% more power and performance, reaching up to 100 t/h.

With 30 years of experience and success, HAAS has just launched the new HAAS TYRON crushers with HYBRID drive, a perfect combination for energy savings and without emitting any type of gases into the atmosphere while it is grinding.

This new hybrid version made up of electric motors and a small diesel engine has the energy efficiency of electric and the mobile flexibility of diesel.
HAAS TYRON HYBRID is designed for maximum performance during crushing. The electric motor offers a clear energy advantage compared to the diesel engine due to its high efficiency. With consistently high performance, you can save up to 70% on energy costs compared to diesel-hydraulic drive versions.

HAAS TYRON shredders are ideal for shredding and reducing the size of all types of bulky waste, industrial and urban waste, rubble, roots, metals, aluminum profiles, mattresses, wood, plastic, etc. In addition, with its XL version, power and performance are increased by up to 30%, reaching 100 t/h.

This machine is a candidate for the 2023 Innovation Awards by the company MANAGEMENT TECHNIQUES AND ENVIRONMENTAL MACHINERY, SL