Logset's hybrid technology in forest processors present at Expobiomasa


Logset, when entering the hybrid engine in their processors, get a performance increase, while the costs of consumption are extremely low. This technology has already been incorporated into the 12H GTE model, and will be progressively integrated into the brand's medium and small machines.

The machine has two motors: thermal one of 300 CV, similar to other machines, and an electric motor which provides 210 CV more, to use at specific moments of wood processing. Its hybrid system gives up to 510 CV and 2000 Nm at normal working revolutions. It reacts instantly to the workload, generating an extra power increase for the crane. The high power ensures that the machine controls even the toughest tasks.

The hybrid system has double benefit:

  • Increase performance, while consumption costs are extremely low. This required a huge engine and large fuel tanks to generate massive power and the torque that the hybrid system generates in a moment.
  • Engine performance stability saves a lot of fuel, extends engine life and allows maintenance costs to be low. Low fuel consumption and stable engine performance also mean less emission of gases into the environment, without compromising machine power.

It is an option that reminds the kers of the 1 Formula. What is already done in the cars will be applied progressively in the machines. The electric motor is fed back and recharged, to harness its power on a new occasion.

This Finnish manufacturer of forestry machinery has also had consideration with machinists, as they usually spend many hours inside the machines. Visibility, comfort and ease of handling have been essential in design and maintenance.

FOREST PIONEER SL has presented this candidacy for the Innovation Prize Expobiomasa 2019. More information about the Innovation Award here