FRAVIZEL presents its new equipment to take advantage of stumps at EXPOBIOMASA 2021

fravizel expobiomass

Fravizel, a leading Portuguese firm in equipment for all types of machinery for construction sites, forests and ports, presents at EXPOBIOMASA 2021 three star equipment for professionals in the biomass sector.

Cutting shear

Various patented models of shears capable of fitting 14 to 35 ton machines. They are very clean cutting because the blades cross each other, and the head has accumulator arms that allow cutting 3 or 4 shafts in the same operation, adjusting close to the ground and even on sloping terrain.


In addition to splitting logs and stumps, it loads them and is quite useful in wood recovery processes, allowing a natural drying process and a higher quality of the biomass obtained. These gripping heads are made of high-strength steel that facilitates their handling and maintenance, being able to choose between several opening measures.

Stump cutter Easy

A tool that is coupled to backhoe loaders between 5 and 30 tons. Very versatile, it is capable of uprooting and splitting stumps penetrating close to the root, its curvature to leverage it allows it to work faster, it is very easy to maintain and it is very efficient.


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