Alpha Cleantec presents at Expobiomasa the sludge pretreatment unit for STP (Sludge Pre-Treatment) biogas generation

biogas waste technology
Alpha Cleantec has developed a process that allows the removal of sludge before the digester, significantly increasing biogas generation (up to 50%) and reducing the removal of dry sludge at the end of the process (up to 20%).

Alpha Cleantec has developed a proprietary technology for the partial chemical oxidation and pretreatment of municipal sludge. The process increases soluble COD levels before the anaerobic digestion processor up to 100%. This technology increases biogas production by up to 50%, unlocking an additional revenue stream and turning wastewater plants into independent, off-grid heat and electricity units. In addition, it reduces dry sludge at the end of the process by up to 20%. And it reduces the cost of the sludge removal and dehydration processes, which has a positive effect on the associated costs and also on the carbon footprint (CO2) of the facility.

Thus, it significantly increases the profitability of wastewater plants while having a positive impact on the environment. The unit allows for easy installation without affecting current plant operating processes. Its design and installation is simple to allow easy customer adoption as a replacement technology. The necessary chemicals are available worldwide, adding further simplicity to the technology.

The same solution can also be adapted to almost any sludge source (evenimal, agricultural, human, etc.) improving the generation of biogas.

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