GEBIO ENERGIA already manufactures its own pellets and thus manages to integrate its Energy Services Company process

GEBIO expobiomass

Gebio Energía, an energy services company, has been producing its own certified pellets of the highest quality since last year and has implemented a new logistics system to serve its customers in Spain and Portugal.

It currently has its own pellet factory located in Lousada (Portugal) with an annual production of 45.000 tons of ENPlus A1 certified pellets and a production capacity of 80.000 tons per year. In this way, Gebio Energía offers its customers a comprehensive service for the installation, maintenance, production and supply of certified pellets. 

Biohot Pellets is the commercial name of the pellet with the identifier PT0021 that has a calorific value of 1,7 Mj / kg and a density of 650 kg / m3. And it is marketed in various formats: bulk, tank and big-bag or bagged in 15 kg containers. 

Additionally, he has built a logistics platform with capacity for 1.000 tons in Castellanos de Moriscos (Salamanca), with the latest storage technology and the possibility of self-service of bulk pellets with the aim of providing pellet supply at any time to all its customers. Gebio Energía also has the ENPlus A1 pellet distributor certification with the ES 339 identifier, thus guaranteeing the traceability and quality of its product from origin to delivery to the end customer.

Gebio Energía will be present at Expobiomasa 2021


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