Firewood processor CPE series present in Expobiomasa thanks to PINOSA

Firewood processor CPE series of Pinosa

The range of CPE wood processors includes in the same axis, a fast saw and a slitter with adjustable multiple split grille. This allows it Automatically cut and divide logs with a cycle of just over three seconds or cut mixed material in packages with only one operator.

It's a fixed or mobile equipment that can circulate by road. With drive electric or diesel. A transmission system with high performance hydraulic motors without the use of belts that avoids maintenance.

Extremely safe, equipped with protections, barriers, electronic security systems and emergency stop that interrupt the cycle with immediate recoil of the cutting device.

It supports a material length from 800 to 8.000 mm, with diameters from 50 to 600 mm, and a cracking power from 20 to 70 tonnages. The electronic measurement of the diameter of the material to be processed automatically adjusts the cutting speed of the cutting disc "without stress", also of the rise of the disc and of the blocking jaw. 

The movement of the splitting grid is automatically managed according to the program established to divide the sawed block, centering it perfectly. According to the configured program, the CPE processor cuts and divides to programmable measurement without leaving discard, in pieces all the same with discard or in a fixed number of pieces without leaving discard.

It is a new unique machine in the market, optimal for firewood producers They process trunks and mixed material (trunks and branches together). Even twisted and deformed material.

A versatile team that complies with the regulations and Modular with various accessories available: fixed, mobile and reclining logs tables, extraction tapes of various fixed or reclining lengths, auxiliary cleavers, cleaning rollers, packing systems and cranes, ... Compact and with the possibility of moving easily with a tractor and other means of transport .

PINOSA has presented this candidacy for the Innovation Prize Expobiomasa 2019. More information about the Innovation Award here