Novel mill for crushing wood using shock waves

Ecopulser wood mill by shock waves
Ecopulser received the Expobiomasa 2019 Innovation Award

Due to its unique operating principle, the EcoPulser complements the wide range of crushing technology products from Pallmann, which is part of the Siempelkamp Group since the beginning of 2017.

The EcoPulser is a mill that does not crush with mechanical contact, but through "shock waves" that are generated by two rotating rotors. This new system Save 80% in energy costs compared to conventional mills such as hammer mills or chippers. The Single EcoPulser can crush approx. 5 Tn / h wood chips with only 2 engines of 22 kW. Having no mechanical contact, the maintenance costs between stops, wear parts, etc. they can be reduced by up to 30%. Also does not generate dust of wood during crushing, thus reducing the risk of ATEX zone.

Success story: FINSA ordered the Twin- EcoPulser version

The Spanish board manufacturer Financiera Maderera, SA (FINSA) placed an order for this new technology in July from 2019: FINSA ordered two Twin EcoPulser. The Twin version achieves a production of approx. 10 Tn / h that the FINSA group will use to crush dry chips at 2-3% and for crushing wood waste with a humidity of approx. 30% respectively.