EcoPulser present in Expobiomasa thanks to PALLMAN


EcoPulser is a mill that does not crush with mechanical contact, but does it through some "shock waves" that generates when rotating among themselves the 2 rotors of which it has. This new system allows save an 80% on energy costs Regarding conventional mills such as hammer mills, viruteadoras or similar; being the ROI of up to only 8 months

You can grind approx. 5 t / h of wood chips with only 2 motors of 22 kW each. Having no mechanical contact, maintenance costs between stops, wear parts, etc. they can be reduced to one third. Also, in the crushing does not generate wood dust, so it does not generate ATEX zone and the aspiration system needs between an 10 and an 20% less with the consequent energy saving.

Finally, in the case of recycled wood, shock waves they only crush the wood, but not other polluting elements such as plastics or metals (ferrous or non-ferrous), without affecting the EcoPulser rotors when passing through them. Therefore, the final material can obtain a better separation and a greater final cleaning.

In the manufacture of pellets or biomass to generate energy, one of the great disadvantages is that more than 50% of its cost lies in energy costs. The EcoPulser is an alternative and revolutionary technology compared to the current grinding systems prior to the manufacture of pellets and the obtaining of wood chips to burn in biomass boilers.

In addition, its application in the case of recycled wood is a revolution since customers will be able to obtain a even greater purity of the final product without its separation system needs to be very complicated, minimizing the level of contamination of the product.

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PALLMAN has presented this candidacy for the Innovation Prize Expobiomasa 2019. More information about the Innovation Award here